The Fijian Way

Fiji Update #1 (our arrival)


We’ve arrived! We didn’t know what to expect but it was smooth, LONG, yet unforgettable. LAX airport was a culture shock and Fiji certainly is too. The rain is bad here, but in Suva (where the school is) it has been hit the hardest. The boys hostel where I’m staying (Stephen) and the girls hostel where Lindsay will be staying is going to be an adjustment. In Fiji fashion, they cleaned them for us and laid down their best sheets in preparation for our arrival. The cook for the school made us fresh bread and tea when we arrived. Hospitality is a Fijian gift! 

It feels like we went through a time warp to a culture and land that you never thought existed. Our bodies will need a few days to get adjusted. We’re so thankful for the communal prayers from the church family. God’s peace has been like the wind, invisible but forcefully evident. We’ll be learning a great deal about this culture as we reflect on ours back home. We’ll be learning about communication with each other and a new people. We’ve already felt growth by our mere arrival.  

School is cancelled for a week because of the rains and we look forward to settling down and serving in any way possible. Lindsay’s talents are a gift from God to this school. I’m so excited for how she is going to be used. I’ll be doing some after school activities and helping out where needed. 
We’re so thankful for your support, love, and prayers!
Stephen & Lindsay


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