The Fijian Way

Fiji Update #2 (first day of school for the deaf)


It’s been two weeks since we’ve left snowy Rhode Island to land in the humidity of Fiji. Two weeks full of learning about a new culture, a new way to communicate with the deaf, and new ways each day to serve in this blessed work at the Gospel School for the Deaf. School has just begun and the hard work that the staff put in during the past few weeks has paid off and the school year is off to a great start!

The Cooney’s (the directors of the school) work tirelessly to make certain that the school is ready for the students and that the many children who travel from far away villages arrive safely and securely. It’s been a wonderful example to see the fruits of their service. Serving is never easy, yet the reward, not for personal gain but collective gain, is eternal. Every bit of love that is given to these kids is returned in plenty.

Lindsay and I have been able to labor around the school and hostel as the school schedule finds a good rhythm. Nurse Lindsay has been treating the children before and after school and we’ve both been put to work painting and getting acquainted with the beautiful deaf children of Fiji.

We thank God continuously for your consistent prayers and to the many who have supported us in this journey.  Before we left our church staff  gave us a verse of scripture from a letter to reflect on. These words from Paul to the church in Rome have been a constant encouragement during our time of devotion and daily activities. We hope it encourages you as we both, from Fiji to East Greenwich and beyond, learn to serve God and the world around us.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Stephen & Lindsay


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  1. * steves99things says:

    stephen and lindsay,
    you are a doing great thing for the kingdom of heaven. God is being glorified through your service and obedience to the good news of Jesus Christ.

    i am blessed to hear that you are pouring out love so much that you have become immersed in it. this will be a wonderful time for you i’m sure!

    your thursday night group misses you, but adrienne and i have carried on your legacy: we’re usually late, and we always bring delicious food. :)

    if there is anything that you are in need of (or in want of) while you and linsday are there, let me know. it would be a blessing to share in ministry with you, whether it be in daily prayer or material need.

    one parting thought: i am proud of you both. :D

    be blessed!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
    • * livefromfiji says:


      Thanks for the comment and encouraging words. God is certainly being glorified through the community of servants in Fiji. People are going beyond teaching people about Jesus. The workers are building a community in the hostels for the kids and a sustainable school that is educating more the fifty deaf children. Children who would have never had the opportunity otherwise. The deaf are looked at like lepers here. That is changing in this community because of the school.

      We miss the Thursday night crew. I’m so glad that you and Adrienne can be apart of that community. It’s funny how things such as the Thursday nights begin. Dan R and I and a few others would meet up in Providence to have a bible study. We’d meet in a pub and call it a bible and a beer (creative I know.) As the year went on we would go to his house and have time of fellowship there. One thing led to anther and it turned into our friends and couples getting together for dinner. The both of you will continue to be enriched by these gatherings!

      Continue to pray for us whenever we come to your mind. We’d appreciate that. Thanks again for your comments, keep them coming! Tell those who ask of us or anyone else to check the blog out. I’ll send you a email or message soon, I want to hear how things are for you.

      Grace and peace to you and Adrienne.

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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