The Fijian Way

Lindsay’s Collection of Observations cont….


Some more of my observations:

> I have come to love clothes lines…. outside every Fijian home is a clothing line where they dry their clothes. At home in America I often throw my clothes in the dryer before I put them on to warm ’em up a bit, but there is something neat about taking your clothes off the line after they’ve been drying outside all day. I just love them! 

> The other night three of the deaf students asked me to help them with their homework. I fearlessly accepted, I’ve always loved teaching. I took a glance to see if I was even familiar with the material in which I was going to be helping them with. Come to find out they needed  help with their long division.  No problem, long division is a piece of cake, I thought! Then I realized ohhh wait….. I’m about to each long division to deaf children, they won’t be able to hear me explain and I still only know a little sign language. For an hour we lay sprawled out on the floor (a floor that I always avoid  sitting on it never mind lying on it) but I was so determined to each these girls long division that the floor did not even phase me. After lots of sweating, repositioning myself on the cement floor,  stretching my mind and thinking of various ways to explain this concept to the children it was a success! Later that night I lay in bed amazed at the fact that I (with little sign language)  just taught three deaf kids long division!  Now let me tell you,  this is NOT an easy task! Just try and go about teaching someone without speaking. Ohhh and some of them could not read, when I tried writing instructions to them. I look forward to doing some after school tutoring.

> In regards to our sign language. We’re most certainly picking it up as we go, and that is the best way to do it. The kids are SO helpful. Although there have been occasions where the sign I use means something completely different. They look at you in confusion trying to grasp what you’re trying to say and then they start laughing. Its quite a humbling feeling I must say.  For example, the other day I wanted to tell a girl that her hair looked “pretty” well I used the sign “niece” instead of “pretty”, she laughed. For three days I  signed  “good night”   to the kids first thing in the morning, I had my good night and good morning mixed up! hahaha, we’re forever learning

> One thing Stephen likes to do is strike up a conversation with every taxi driver we have. At first I would get  a little annoyed because he would say to all of them “ohhh yes we’re american, we’re new to Fiji” and i felt as though it put us in a vulnerable position- leading the taxi driver to think he could take us the “long way” or over charge us Americans. I must say, I have learned so much from hearing these taxi drivers stories. I now look forward to hearing what they have to say.  (Thanks Stephen)

to be continued………



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  1. haha, i love the long division story! i’m not sure that i could even do long division anymore, let alone teach it. :) it’s wonderful the things the Lord brings to our minds when he wants us to connect with people.

    stephen would talk to every taxi driver… hahaha. :D it’s wonderful isn’t it?!

    i look forward to more posts… keep em coming!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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