The Fijian Way

Lindsay At Work (serving Mosese Waqa)


Lindsay and Mosese – By: Marilyn Cooney

This is Lindsay at work!  Little Mosese Waqa had a fall last week, when he tripped going down the stairs at school.  He ruptured his ear drum and was taken to the hospital, where Lindsay sat with him for several hours as he was examined and later released.  Several days later, his eye began to swell, and we noticed that when he smiled, only one side of his face smiled, while the other side drooped.  We took him to the hospital again on Sunday, and this time he was admitted.  Lindsay again sat with him for the long wait to see a doctor.  She was there for 10 hours!  The next morning she was back again, at 7 AM, caring for him. 

It seems that Lindsay has a lot more medical knowledge than the doctors who are treating him.  She requested blood tests and a brain scan.  The blood tests were done, and showed nothing wrong.  But the scan was put on hold,  as no one was there who could do it.  We do not have a diagnosis as yet.  Mosese is being treated with antibiotics at the moment, in case he has an infection.  We had his ear checked by our school ENT, and all there is healing fine, with no infection.  Keep Mosese in your prayers.  Lindsay put Mosese to sleep last night with her traditional family “arm rub” relaxation technique!!   

We are thankful to God for Lindsay and her wonderful work here!


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