The Fijian Way

Love! (Our Time In Fiji)


When you look at the world it’s hard to believe that God exists, for death surrounds us.  From unpreventable diseases to preventable diseases, to the killing and poverty fields of Africa to the war fields of the Middle East.  To the greed on Wall Street, to the decaying American dream on main street, death surrounds us. The rich aren’t getting richer, their just saving less. The poor aren’t getting poorer, their dying. We give thanks to God for our food, while millions die because they have no food. Church budgets are fading, yet the rest of the world seems to be fading into depression, death surrounds us.

God are you there? The Church are you there? Humanity do you care?

When I look back at our time in Fiji what have I seen?

God is here with us, the Church is doing something, humanity does care!

I saw over 60 deaf children away from their islands and families being given an education, a chance to learn about a loving God, and a chance to see that people care for them when others didn’t know what to do with them. I saw a women starting this deaf school many years ago because she believed that the deaf should know about God, the deaf should be given an opportunity to have an education, the deaf should be able to communicate with one another, the deaf should be able to have friends, be able to sing, dance, and know that they are loved. 

I saw a retired couple who hasn’t found the word retirement in scripture or in the supposed gospel of the American dream. A beautiful couple who have dedicated their last 8 years to these children as the head teacher, administrator, parents, and friends to all.  A couple not toasting to their 401k’s but a couple humbly smiling to the rich rewards of serving. 

I saw a Fijian staff pour their hearts, their souls, their minds, and their strength into these children every single day. They work for little but give everything they have. Short on stocks, yet rich in love. Kitchens aren’t stocked but with each meal their gratitude grows, while self righteousness is absent through the visibility of their righteous service. Service and love that never ceased but humbly increased through the strength of the God that they are learning to follow.

I saw a church body, a gathering eucharist in Rhode Island that continues to partner with the Gospel School For The Deaf. Some coming to Fiji to serve with their hands and feet, and others serving through their consistent prayers and hard earned money.

I saw the love of my life being awakened to the beauty of the Fijians and to the powerful mystery of God’s Spirit. I saw a nurse become Jesus to the children that needed her care the most. I saw a daughter of a loving mother and father become a mother to these children. I saw tears of sadness and tears of joy, tears that stream rampant when pierced by the love and gratitude that burned in the eyes of each child. I saw smiles of awe and wonder, I saw hugs and more hugs and more hugs. A new family, one new humanity.

What we both saw is that when serving the deaf in Fiji, love not only knows no language it doesn’t need to be spoken.  Love doesn’t just win, it unites, it saves, it serves, it smiles, it laughs, it cries, it celebrates, and it will never die. We’re leaving Fiji to report; that God isn’t dead, hope is alive, and the Kingdom of God is celebrating into the night.

When we look back at our months with the deaf in Fiji – what have we seen?


With more work to be done…


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